What the Evaluators Are Really Looking For

Laser Focusing Your Proposals to Government

Why This Seminar is Different?

We all know that the key to all successful proposal writing is to make sure you zero in on your audience’s needs and requirements.   Writing for the government market is no exception.  Yet, while there are many general guidelines on how to write and format your proposal, they are often just that: ‘general’.  In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to create a winning proposal
  • What a real evaluator goes through in assessing your proposal
  • The major problems you must avoid
  • The critical success factors for winning

In short, this seminar tells you the real goods on what evaluators actually do when evaluating your proposal, and then how you can use that information to your advantage.

Who Should Attend?

If you’ve wasted money and time writing proposals that you thought should have won, but didn’t.  If you have been caught off guard losing a ‘sure win’ and don’t want to spend your time whining about it being ‘wired’, What the Evaluators Are Really Looking For is the ideal class for you. Anyone who wants to understand how evaluators really think and how to make them recognize that your proposal is ‘the winner’.

Seminar Description

What the Evaluators Are Really Looking For is about getting inside the evaluators’ heads to learn how they really do their job... the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of what they do.

Created by one of North America’s leading experts in the RFP process, Michael Asner brings you the backroom insights from his role as both an evaluator and public procurement specialist.  He explains how to use that information to sharpen your proposals.  
An engaging and entertaining speaker, Michael covers everything you need to know: the blow by blow breakdown of a real life evaluation for a complex proposal; how to decode evaluators’ behaviors and psyches, the Top 5 Tests that will tell you if the process is really wired and how to really lose big.

Participants will walk away with valuable insights and practical tools on how to reshape their proposals into leaner, on-message, on-target documents that will help evaluators select their organization’s proposal as the clear winner.


What the Evaluators Are Really Looking For: Learn how evaluators really do their job (‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ they do what they do) 

The World of the Evaluator: Defining the box

  • Inside the box: laws, regulations, policies and people
  • Understanding the RFP Process
  • The RFP Document
  • The RFP Evaluation:  building blocks and limitations

The Keys to Writing Winning Proposals 

  • What is a winning proposal
  • The Ideal Evaluator
  • The Evaluator’s Issues

What happens when the door is closed

  • Key elements of the evaluator’s behavior & psyche
  • Is it wired
  • A step-by-step explanation of a real life evaluation of a complex proposal
  • How to lose really big


More than 600 firms attended Michael's workshops on Creating Winning Proposals. HAVING WORKED ON MAJOR RFPs AS WELL AS MAJOR PROPOSALS, MICHAEL HAS A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE ON THIS TOPIC. Here's what some of the participants said:

"Very worthwhile. Although I've been writing proposals for many years, Michael provided many excellent tips and made me aware of new issues." 

"As someone seeking new opportunities for further business, I found this to be of GREAT help." 

"Facilitator gracefully handled participant questions and issues." 

"Great and very informative. Thank you for offering it." 

"An outstanding presentation." 

"Insightful and useful"

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