For Vendors – How to Win More Often

The RFP process is complicated and legalistic. It is not obvious what you have to do to create a winning proposal. This book will help ensure that your proposal does not get eliminated early on but rather makes it to the short-list. It will help you comply with the RFP requirements, understand the RFP process, and the critical role of the Evaluators. This book will help you differentiate your company and its proposal from the competition.

This Handbook can increase your ability to develop winning proposals. You will learn:

  • The legal basis for RFPs in both the U.S. and Canada, so you understand the rules imposed by our Courts and why agencies do what they do
  • Why fair, open and transparent are always important
  • When and why organizations must use RFPs and their other options
  • When and how to negotiate your Proposal
  • Why the RFP rules can only be neglected at your risk
  • Why mandatory requirements are treated differently than the rest
  • Why Past Performance is increasingly important in the Evaluation Process and what information will help you win
  • How to differentiate your firm from its competition and how to ensure the Evaluators understand your strengths
  • The step-by-step actions of Evaluators in reviewing 4 proposals based on a real, complex, high value RFP – a 15 page narrative of the entire evaluation process
  • Why Risk Management is always important in your proposal and should not be left to the Evaluator’s imagination
  • What you can learn from Briefings and Freedom of Information requests to obtain details about the winning proposal and yours, if you lost
  • What to do when you are treated unfairly

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Used by more than 5000 agencies and departments, primarily at the state and local government level