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Each of these reference publications is an exemplary book, report, guide, template, actual RFP, policy & procedure, law, or regulation discussed in the Handbook.

The Fifth Edition cites 140 references, an increase of 60 over the Fourth Edition. The web address for each of these references is provided in the Handbook and also available as a download file from the web. Please contact the publisher (michael@rfpmentor.com) for more information about this file.

The web address for each of these references is contained in the Handbook.

Chapter One

Reference 1. Handbook of Public Procurement, Khi V. Thai Editor, 2009, 836 pgs.

Reference 2. World Bank Procurement Home Page,

Reference 3. World Bank, Procurement Innovation Challenge, Background Note, 3 pgs.

Reference 4. UN Procurement Division Home Page.

Reference 5. UN Procurement Manual, Revision 7, July 2013, 287 pgs.

Reference 6. UNCITRAL Home Page.

Reference 7. UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement (2011), 84 pgs.

Reference 8. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Guidebook on anti-corruption in public procurement and the management of public finances, 2013, 68 pgs.

Reference 9. United Nations Development Program, What are the rules of fair procurement? 1 page,

Reference 10. OECD Principles for Integrity in Public Procurement, 142 pgs.

Reference 11. OECD Procurement Toolbox.

Reference 12. OECD iLibrary.

Reference 13. World Trade Organization, Understanding the WTO,

Reference 14. Transparency International, Corruption Perceptions Index.

Reference 15. OECD Fighting corruption in the public sector.

Reference 16. OECD Integrity in Public Procurement, 171 pgs.

Reference 17, ISM Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct with Guidelines, 16 pgs.

Reference 18. U.S. Dept. of Defense, Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure, 167 pgs.

Reference 19. Australia Government, Guidance on Ethics and Probity in Government Procurement – FMG 14, 2005, 23 pages.

Chapter Two

There are no references for this Chapter.

Chapter Three

Reference 20. American Bar Association, 2000 ABA Model Procurement Code, 2000, 142 pgs.

Reference 21. State of Utah, Department of Administrative Services, Division of Purchasing and General Services, “A Vendor’s Guide to Doing Business with the State of Utah”, July 2009, 6 pgs.

Reference 22, State of South Dakota, Office of Procurement Management, “Doing Business with the State of South Dakota, Vendor’s Manual”, Revised Feb. 11, 2013, 30 pgs.

Reference 23. St. Johns River Water Management District (FL), “Procurement Manual”, May 21, 2008, 145 pgs.

Reference 24. OECD Procurement Toolbox, Template for Market Survey Report, 5 pgs.

Reference 25. State of Alaska, Department of Administration, Division of General Services, State Procurement Code, 2013 Alaska Statutes, Title 36, Chapter 30, 61 pgs.

Reference 26, State of Utah, Department of Administrative Services, Division of Purchasing, “Request for Proposal (RFP) Manual”, Dec. 2013, 22 pgs.

Reference 27. See Section R2-7-E303 of State of Arizona, Department of Administration, State Procurement Office, Arizona Procurement Code, 152 pgs.
Reference 28. Government of Yukon (Canada), Highways and Public Works, “Contracting Regulation and Contracting and Procurement Directive,” April 2013, 38 pgs.

Reference 29. State of Washington, Department of Information Services, Information Technology Investment Standards, Revised 2009, 15 pgs. see page 6.

Reference 30. St. Johns River Water Management District (FL), Policy II, Procurement of Commodities and Services, 88-05, Pages 3-4.

Chapter Four

Reference 31. Nova Scotia, Government Procurement, How to Sell Your Goods and Services to the Nova Scotia Government, pg 4, 4 pgs.

Reference 32. Princeton University, Purchasing Dept., How to Do Business with Princeton University, pg 2, 2 pgs.

Reference 33. City of Anaheim, Purchasing, home page,

Reference 34. State of Washington, Dept. of General Administration, The Washington Purchasing Manual, revised 2011, pgs 6-7, 83 pgs.

Reference 35. Iowa Supreme Court, “No. 202/00-0371, Jan. 24, 2002, Garling Construction vs City of Shellsburg et al”, pg 3, 8 pgs.

Reference 36. NIGP and CIPS, Transparency in Public Procurement, 2012, 3pgs

Reference 37. Queensland (Australia) Government, Queensland Purchasing, Ethics, Probity and Accountability in Procurement, 25 pgs.

Reference 38. St. Johns River Water Management District (FL), Administrative Directive II, Procurement of Commodities and Contractual Services, Number: 88-06, 20 pgs.

Reference 39. State of Alaska, “Procurement Regulations, AAC Title 2, Chapter 12”, Revised 05/15/06, 51 pages,

Reference 40, State of Alaska, Administrative Manual, Section 81 Procurement, July 15 1999, 35 pgs.

Reference 41. State of Alaska, Dept. of Administration, “Procurement Policy & Procedures Manual”, 57 pages, 4-21-99.

Reference 42. Alaska, Dept. of Administration, Division of General Services, “RFP Shell”, 39 pages,

Chapter Five

Reference 43.State of New Mexico, Purchasing Division, General Services Dept., “Request For Proposals, Procurement Guide”, July 1999, pg 11, 212 pgs. Terry Davenport,

Reference 44. Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry, Report Vol. 2: Good Government, Hon. Madame Justice Bellamy, 2005, 1028 pgs. Recommendation #156.

Reference 45. Georgia Technology Authority, Procurement Plan template, 12 pages.

Reference 46. U.S. Dept. of Defense, Defense Acquisition Portal, Naval Air Training Systems Division, Draft Request for Proposal, 1 pg.

Reference 47, UK Office of Government Commerce, Supplier debriefing
March 2003, 21 pgs.

Reference 48, State of Montana, General Services Division, Dept. of Administration, “Initiating and Navigating the Request for Proposal Process”, Feb. 2013, page 18, 53 pgs.

Reference 49, State of Montana, General Services Division, State Procurement Bureau, Questions and Answers on the RFP Process, 5 pgs.

Reference 50. Ontario, Management Board of Cabinet, Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive, 2011, 17 pgs.

Reference 51. Tasmania (Australia), Buying for Government, Checklist of potential risks in the goods and services procurement process, 4 pgs.

Reference 52. State of New York, Comptroller’s Review of State Contracts, 1 pg.

Reference 53. New York State Procurement Guidelines, May, 2014, pg 39, 58 pgs.

Reference 54. New York State, Office of the State Comptroller, Bureau of Contracts, Non-Approval Codes, 4 pgs.

Reference 55. Department of Treasury and Finance, Best Practice Advice, Probity, pg 10, 16 pgs.

Reference 56. City of Toronto, Staff Report, June 22, 2004, 21 pages.

Reference 57. Victoria Government Purchasing Board (Australia), Probity Plan Template, 28 pgs.

Reference 58. Vancouver Sun, BC Hydro fires ‘fairness’ watchdog, Jan. 28, 2008.

Reference 59, Government of the District of Columbia, Office of Contracting and Procurement, Practical Procurement Users Guide , Updated 3.11.08, pg 18, 43 pgs.

Reference 60. North Carolina, Office of Information Technology Services, Statewide Information Technology Procurement Office, Request for Proposal (RFP) process, 7 pgs.

Reference 61. State of New Mexico, State Purchasing Division, Purchasing Guide Aug. 2009, 28 pgs.

Reference 62. State of Georgia, Dept. of Administrative Services, State Purchasing - 7 Stages of Procurement, 7 pgs.

Reference 63, State of Georgia, Dept. of Administrative Services, State Purchasing, Evaluation Committee Agenda, 1 pg.

Reference 64. State of Georgia, Dept. of Administrative Services, State Purchasing, GA Master Technical Evaluation Template, 6 pgs

Chapter Six

Reference 65, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Statement of Work, 2 pgs.

Reference 66. Federal Acquisition Regulations, Section 37.602-1 Statements of Work, 1 pg.

Reference 67. State of Arizona, State Procurement Office, Guide to Preparing a Statement of Work, 18 pgs.

Reference 68. State of Montana, State Information Technology Service, Statement of work template, 9 pgs.

Reference 69. State of Montana, State Information Technology Service, Guideline for Statements of Work, 13 pgs.

Reference 70. North Carolina Statement of Work Template, 11 pgs.¬¬¬

Reference 71. North Carolina, Risk Assessment and Management Process (RAMP), 48 pgs.

Reference 72. Massachusetts, Operational Services Division, Procurement /Contract Checklist, Page 4, 6 pgs.

Reference 73, State of Wisconsin, State Bureau of Procurement, RFP #28130-SR, Shared IT Infrastructure Consulting Services, July, 2013, 24 pgs.

Reference 74. U.S. Census Bureau, Evaluation Factors for an Award, SOLICITATION NO.YA1323-07-RP-0001, 7 pgs.

Reference 75. Georgia Dept. of Audits and Accounts, Guidelines for Preparation of Requests for Proposals, 40 pgs.

Reference 76. Georgia Dept. of Audits and Accounts, Request For Proposals Shell, 2009, 47 pgs.

Chapter Seven

Reference 77. U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Best Practices Procurement Manual, Chapter 4.5 Competitive Proposals, 2001, 20 pgs.

Reference 78. Massachusetts, Operational Services Division, Procurement Information Center, Procurement Overview, 2013, 28 pgs.

Reference 79. Massachusetts, Operational Services Division, Procurement Information Center, How to Do a Competitive Procurement, 2007, 26 pgs.

Reference 80. Massachusetts, Operational Services Division, Procurement Information Center, Procurement/Contract Management Checklist, 2007, 6 pgs.

Reference 81. Massachusetts, Operational Services Division, Procurement Information Center, Exceptions to Competitive Procurements, 2013, 13 pgs.

Reference 82, North Carolina, State IT Procurement Office, Request for Proposal template, 36 pgs.

Reference 83, North Carolina, State IT Procurement Office, Instructions and Optional Terms for Preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP), 20f12, 19 pgs.

Reference 84. North Carolina, State IT Procurement Office, Process for Information Technology Projects with RFP Solicitation When Purchasing Services, 2012, 37 pgs.

Chapter Eight
(Until the Competition Closes)

Reference 85. Conconino County (AZ), How to do Business with Coconino County, web site.

Reference 86. Section 13-1-104 NM Statutes 1978 Annotated Chapter 13 Public Purchases and Property, 1 pg.

Reference 87. NASPO Report 2011-2012 Survey of State Procurement Practices, Summary Report, June 2012, 26 pgs.

Reference 88. North America Free Trade Agreement, Part Four, Government Procurement, Chapter 10, 72 pgs.

Chapter Nine

Reference 89. Province of Nova Scotia, Office of Economic Development, Procurement Branch, “Guide to the Request for Proposal Process”, May, 2004, 21 pages.

Reference 90. NIGP and CIPS, Evaluation Process, 2012, 5 pgs.

Reference 91. State of Massachusetts, Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Guidelines for Ensuring Best Value Procurement, 1 pg.

Reference 92. State of Louisiana, Office of State Purchasing, Request for Proposal (RFP) Manual, Exhibit 22, page 15, 26 pgs.

Reference 93. Province of British Columbia, Purchasing Services, “Preparing RFPs: A Ministry Guide to the Request for Proposals Process”, pg 35, Jan. 2010, 55 pgs.

Reference 94. State of Idaho, Division of Purchasing, Evaluator’s Handbook, 2010, 11 pgs.

Reference 95. Montana Dept. of Administration, General Services Div., State Procurement Bureau, Request for Proposal Evaluation Process – Instructions, July 2009, 3 pgs.

Chapter Ten

Reference 96. City of Miami, Bid Protest, 1 pg.

Reference 97. Nebraska Administrative Services, Materiel Div., State Purchasing Bureau, Standard Protest/Grievance Procedures for Vendors, 1 pg.

Reference 98. City of Orlando, Sec. 7.14 -Appeal of Chief Procurement Officer of Procurement and Contracts Decision.

Reference 99. State of Alaska, Non-Conflict of Interest Form, 1 page,

Reference 100. State of Alaska, RFP Evaluators Guide, 2011, 11 pages,

Reference 101. Davenport, Terry, RFP Template, Evaluation Guide, 2013, 25 pgs.

Chapter Eleven

Reference 102. State of Nevada, Department of Administration, Purchasing Division, RFP Template, July 2012, pg 5, 41 pgs.

Reference 103. Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute, Pre-RFP Toolkit, 3rd Edition, 2013, pg 103, 119 pgs.

Reference 104. NIGP and CIPS, Public Procurement Practice, Developing Evaluation Criteria, 3 pgs.

Reference 105. State of Idaho, Division of Purchasing, Guidelines to Developing and Evaluating a Request for Proposal, 2007, pg3, 40 pgs.

Reference 106. Federal Acquisition Regulations, This subpart prescribes policies and procedures for selection of a source or sources in competitive negotiated acquisitions,

Reference 107. Source Selection Decision Document for Launch Operations Support Contract (LOSe)F04684-Q2-Ra0024, 7 pgs.

Reference 108. Minnesota risk management plan template, 3 pgs.

Reference 109. Minnesota Risk Assessment Questionnaire, 13 pgs.

Reference 110. North Dakota, RFP Evaluators Guide, 10 pgs.

Reference 111. 13-1-115 NMSA 1978 New Mexico Statutes Annotated, 122 pgs.

Reference 112. Page 1, “Post Tender Negotiations Guideline”, Victoria Government Purchasing Board, 1996.

Reference 113. Albemarle County (VA) Purchasing Manual, Chapter 16, Section 6.

Reference 114. California Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Negotiation Process Guide, April 2013, 14 pgs.

Reference 115. California Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Example Contract Negotiation Plan, 16 pgs.

Reference 116. Wisconsin State Procurement Manual, Best and Final Offers Procedure, 2007, 4 pgs.

Reference 117. North Dakota, Sample Request for Best and Final Offer, 3pgs.

Reference 118. University of Texas at El Paso, Purchasing Dept., Best and Final Offers.

Reference 119. Department of Commerce and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Seven Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition.

Reference 120. Congressional Research Service, Report for Congress, Evaluating the “Past Performance” of Federal Contractors: Legal Requirements and Issues, Feb. 2013, 23 pgs.

Reference 121. State of Montana, Request for Proposal template, pg 15, 26 pgs. Page 15.

Reference 122. Information Technology Services, State of Mississippi, RFP 3760, May 2014,139 pgs. pgs 94-96,

Reference 123. State of Idaho, RFP Template, 22 pgs. pgs 21-22.

Reference 124. State of Washington, Department of General Administration, Office of State Procurement, Request for Proposal 14600, Sept. 2001, 87 pgs, pgs 20-21.

Chapter Twelve

Reference 125. California, Dept. of General Services, Procurement Division, “Template” for Bid (IFB and Request For Proposal (RFP), 78 pgs.

Reference 126. New Mexico, State Purchasing, Request for Proposals Template, March 2014, 48 pgs.

Reference 127. North Dakota Information Technology Dept., Services web page.

Reference 128. North Dakota, Contract Drafting and Review Manual, Office of Attorney General, 73 pgs.

Reference 129. North Dakota, IT Products/Services Template, 70 pgs.

Reference 130. North Dakota, Information Technology Dept., Information Technology Contract Guidelines.

Reference 131. North Dakota, Information Technology Dept., Technology Contract Template, April 2014, 28 pgs.

Reference 132. Australia, Dept. of Finance, Government Information Technology and Communications (GITC) contractual framework home page.

Reference 133. Alberta Infrastructure, Debriefing Guidelines, Sept. 2013, 5 pgs.

Reference 134, Kent County (VA), RFP Solicitation and File Checklist, 2 pgs.

Chapter Thirteen

Reference 135. New South Wales (Australia), NSW Procurement Board, Complaints Management Guidelines, 3 pgs.

Reference 136. Florida Dept. of Corrections, Contract 09-DC-8116R, 26 pgs.

Reference 137. California Performance Review, 2007, 4 pgs.

Reference 138. Indiana Dept. of Administration Procurement Div., Procurement Protest Policy, 3pgs.

Reference 139. Albemarle County (VA), County Attorney, Purchasing Manual, Chapter 25, 5 pgs.

Reference 140. City of Mississauga, Corporate Administration, Bid Awards and Bid Protests, June, 2008, 13 pgs.

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