In recent times, I have restricted my work to Speeches & Workshops, Litigation Support, and Reference Publications.

Speeches & Workshops

In the last little while, I have spoken about two broad issues: best RFP practices, and Selling to Government/Creating Winning Proposals.

I have spoken to a wide variety of public sector groups and agencies at professional development events and conferences:

  • City of Santa Barbara
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Yukon College
  • State of Ohio
  • Ontario Public Buyers Association
  • Supply Chain Management Association

I have provided proposal writing training to organizations such as Yukon College and Association of Consulting Engineers of Canada.

Litigation Support

We have provided litigation support to both public agencies and legal firms including:

  • State of Colorado
  • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (New York)
  • Teplinsky, Colson LLP (Toronto)

Reference Publications

We are North America’s largest publisher of RFP reference material. Our handbook, The Request for Proposal Handbook, is now in it’s fifth edition (since 1995) and is being used by more than 5000 public agencies.


Michael Asner has published extensively about public procurement – books, articles, guidelines and an occasional op ed. Here are three of his most popular current publications.

The Request for Proposal Handbook


(The earlier editions are being used by more than 5000 governments and their agencies.)

The Fifth Edition of The Request For Proposal Handbook is now available.

This book was first published in 1995. Since then, it has been expanded and revised every five years. Used by more than 5000 agencies and departments, primarily at the state and local government level, The RFP Handbook has become a trusted reference for procurement professionals.

Now, it’s time for a revision. And in creating the Fifth Edition, I have not only updated all the content but added 60 new references and 20 new topics - issues which I believe are not normally dealt with in any single existing text that I’ve found. These issues include the following:

  • Understanding the worldwide view of public procurement
  • Knowing the law
  • Testing your evaluation procedure before issuing the RFP
  • Using risk as an evaluation factor
  • Using a Fairness Officer on high-risk RFPs
  • Providing a step-by-step narrative of an actual evaluation procedure
  • Non-numerical evaluation of cost
  • Using Past Performance data in your evaluation

This book leads the reader through the entire Request for Proposal process and provides best practices from more than 100 jurisdictions. It is based on my experience as an independent consultant specializing in public procurement and the RFP process. These best practices have emerged as a practical strategy for building ‘fair, open and transparent’ into public procurement.

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A Guide to Public Procurement for Elected Officials and Public Sector Managers

This Guide provides short answers to the most common questions about public procurement. For example:

  1. Why is "fair and open competition" the backbone of procurement?
  2. What is a competitive procurement?
  3. Why is "sole sourcing" a problem?

For a free review copy of this valuable publication, contact Michael Asner (

Elected Officials will appreciate the unbiased perspective on the procurement process. I Purchased copies for all my elected officials and senior management. They are very useful as supplemental material when I talk to my council members about the procurement process.

Jim O'Neill
Past President, NIGP
Director of Purchasing, Ft. Collins, CO

A Guide to Public Procurement

  • Can Help Elected Officials, New Managers 'Get It'

    Helps senior managers and elected politicians understand that public purchasing is not a 'cookie jar'. This lack of understanding often impedes progress and creates unnecessary conflict.

  • Can Help Inform How Public Policy Governs Procurement

    Helps managers and the newly elected understand that procurement is not governed by local political agendas but by rules that must be followed in every jurisdiction, not just the federal government.

  • Can Help Explain The Procurement Function

    Helps explain the value of the procurement role by clarifying key tasks and processes.

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For the last twenty years, Michael has developed and presented a variety of workshops dealing with public procurement issues. These workshops have been sponsored by organizations such as NIGP (in the U.S.) and SCMA (in Canada). Michael’s speaking style has been described as intense, entertaining and engaging.

We offer a variety of workshops – each dealing with public procurement, ethics or RFPs. Our three most popular workshops are:


Bullet-Proofing Your RFPs (one day)

This popular presentation is focused on the entire RFP process, from project inception until the contract is signed.

You will learn:

  • Best practices from more than 60 jurisdictions
  • When to use an RFP
  • The worldwide trend to fair, open and transparent procurement
  • Choices in Selecting an Evaluation Methodology
  • Best practices for each step in the RFP Process
  • How to construct an evaluation process that works

This presentation has been offered more than 30 times. Sponsors include NIGP Chapters, State procurement departments, Chapters of Supply Chain Management Association of Canada.

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Creating Winning Proposals/Selling to Government

We all know that the key to all successful proposal writing is to make sure you zero in on your audience’s needs and requirements. Writing for the government market is no exception. Yet, while there are many general guidelines on how to write and format your proposal, they are often just that: ‘general’. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to create a winning proposal
  • What a real evaluator goes through in assessing your proposal
  • The major problems you must avoid
  • The critical success factors for winning

This seminar tells you the real goods on what evaluators actually do when evaluating your proposal, and then how you can use that information to your advantage.

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Michael provides advice and assistance to lawyers and senior public administrators involved in litigation or potential litigation related to public procurement. Typically, he reviews the procurement documents and the pleadings and provides the legal team with his analysis of the procurement issues involved and the alternative courses of action. This sometimes leads to being deposed; rarely, does he actually testify.

Michael also assists Contract Managers in the resolution of contract disputes by providing them with independent analysis of the situation and information about alternative ways of resolving the issues.

Michael has been qualified as an expert witness on public procurement issues and best practices in several states and with the Federal Court in the US and several provinces in Canada.

He has been retained by the following law firms:

  • Shores, Jardine LLP (Edmonton, Alberta) Retained to assist in a challenge to an award for more than $400 million based on an RFP. Analyzed documents, submitted an expert opinion and testified at the hearing.
  • Givens Pursley LLP (Boise, ID) Retained as an expert in public procurement to review a contract award based on an RFP. Analyzed documents and advised the plaintiff's legal team about fair and impartial proposal evaluation practices. Arbor v. State of Idaho.
  • Mullins Law Firm, P.C. (Atlanta, GA) Retained as expert in public procurement to perform a review of pleadings and other documents; to generate an opinion related to certain procurement practices at issue in a civil suit: Thompson Building Wrecking Company et al v. August Georgia et al
  • Wolf, Bock Schorr and Solis-Cohen, LLP (Philadelphia, PA) I assisted Counsel in the preparation of its case protesting a procurement award made by the State of New Jersey.
  • Greenberg Traurig, LLP (Phoenix, AZ) Retained as an expert in public procurement to review a contract award based on an RFP. Analyzed documents and advised the defendants' legal team about fair and impartial proposal evaluation practices. American Traffic Solutions vs Redflex Traffic Systems et al.
  • Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel Retained as an expert in public procurement to assist in a Federal Court case in NJ.
  • Lax O’Sullivan Scott Lisus, LLP (Toronto, Ontario) Retained to assist in a challenge to the fairness of an RFP for more than $200 million in services.
  • Austring, Fendrick & Fairman (Yukon) A case against the Yukon Government.
  • Teplitsky, Colson (Toronto, Ontario) A case against Infrastructure Ontario.


Michael Asner

MICHAEL ASNER is recognized as one of North America’s leading speakers, consultants, and authors dealing with public sector procurement and the Request for Proposal process. He helps government entities improve their RFP practices and documents. He acts as an RFP Advisor or Fairness Officer on high-risk, high-value procurements. He frequently assists lawyers in procurement cases. His clients include cities, counties and public agencies in Canada and the U.S.

Michael Also assists private sector firms in understanding how to sell to government and how to create winning proposals.

He offers RFP training and workshops throughout North America dealing with both RFP issues (for governments) and proposal writing (for private sector firms).

Michael has published extensively about the RFP Process. His textbook, The Request For Proposal Handbook, now in its fifth edition, is in use in more than 5000 organizations.

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